You’re missing the point in the same way Hugh was Daniel

You’re missing the point in the same way Hugh was Daniel Monsignor Pope is not trying to “enshrine one particular historical manifestation…of respectful attire.” He’s only calling for respectful attire, and listing what that means for the people who demonstrably don’t understand. Yes, J is right. I am not saying we have to be exactl like the 50s but it seems pretty clear today that our clothing is almost completely casual and that says something which I don’t think is good. I wear business suits to Mass during the week, and business causal on Sunday. What’s the matter with that? Tell some Hard Hat that he can’t duck into Mass on his lunch break because he’s wearing overalls. Father, stick to telling our slutty women put on decent clothing and leave it at that. If you go back to first and second century documents there were no regional differences. The words spoken and the faith professed in Rome were the same as in Alexandria. Why is it that Americans want to believe that we are still individuals on a parish by parish basis. Msgr. Pope– well discussed topic and I as a young man agree that it’s time to bring back formal attire to it’s rightful place. While I agree with the thrust of your point, I don’t know if your argument is very strong. While the faith was the same in Rome as in Alexandria, practice of that faith had some variation (e.g. fasting). I’m not saying it was a free-for-all, but it wasn’t strictly uniform either. I can’t wear jeans to Mass on Saturday morning? […]